02 Feb

Task of Leadership

The difference between Management and Leadership

You manage things, but you lead people.

  • People are not just economic units (like time, scope, quality, cost)
  • People have their own purpose & objective – they hunger for something higher
  • Good quip: If a person tells you that all he really wants are food, shelter, clothing, love, relationships – then you can tell him he should wish that he be turned into a dog.
  • People look for a calling and a purpose

The tasks of leadership

  • Connecting the task at hand to the people’s personal purpose. 
  • Finding the relevance of the current task to the long-term goal.
  • Connecting the importance of a task to personal destiny.
  • Having command of the spoken word is important so you can touch your people’s hearts and inspire them to action.
  • A leader’s destiny is fulfilled by investing in the destiny of others.  Leadership is about finding something common between your personal purpose and your people’s purpose, so that together you can achieve something bigger.


Creating and leading successful companies/teams

  1. Have a clear and compassionate vision that will inspire people and direct people. (What do you need to accomplish)
  2. Have a distinct purpose (Why are you doing what you are doing?)
  3. Have a culture of personal care & uplift (Know your people’s strengths.  Leverage those strengths for the advancement of your vision.  Remember to connect each task to the purpose.)  
  4. Have a clear sense of ethics & values (Leadership by example is key – ethics and values start with the leader.  Use the power of words to inspire others to do good)
  5. Follow the Guinness Principle (The Guinness Company pays their employees 20% more than their competitors.  People need to be rewarded/compensated so that their financial needs are met and do not become a de-motivator/distraction in delivering great work)
  6. Have a commitment to God (A commitment to God links to your higher purpose and your destiny)


“Life is useless if not consecrated to a great idea.” – Jose Rizal

Notes from a talk given by Stephen Mansfield – writer and speaker

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