23 Mar

What is Work?

Work should be an act that serves a purpose larger than ourselves, something that we enjoy doing and is in line with our values, something we do with people that we like working with – so that we can provide for the family that we love.

It is a way to give back to this world that has blessed us with opportunities, skills, and relationships.  Work provides dignity. It is a chance to serve others and an opportunity to be a part of a community.  Work is a BLESSING.

But only when used well.

Work can also be a BURDEN when what we do does not add value to others.  Or when we do it with people we don’t want to be with. Or when we do it too much that it pushes us farther away from the people we love or the health we need.

How is your work? Do you still see it as a blessing?  Has it become a burden?

If the latter, this is your wake up call.

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