16 Apr

The Dream

My dream is to grow a company with this objective in mind: To help unleash the full potential of people.

Unleashing the full potential will be true for the employees that will work in the company, the suppliers that will partner with us, the customers we will serve, the investors we will dream with, and the communities that we will touch.

The employees will have a role that will excite them to get up each morning. They will be challenged to their maximum potential – and they will embrace the challenge to continue learning. They will have sufficient personal time with the people they love and the activities they are passionate about. The goal is to help employees reach not just their full career potential – but more importantly, life potential.

The suppliers will be treated as partners – not as lemons to be squeezed until the last drop. They will be set to very, very, very high standards – and not everyone will want to and can work with us – but those that do, as we grow, will grow with us.

The investors who will dare dream with us for the long term will be blessed with returns that will last for a sustainably long time. And this sustainability will be possible because of our customers.

The customers we choose to serve will be given a product and service that will free them up from concerns and issues. They will receive from us an offering that will allow them to reach their full potential in whatever endeavor they are in. In return they will reward us with loyalty and trust that will allow us to co-exist for a long time.

The communities that we will touch through our CSR programs will be given opportunities to learn, get educated, and build livelihood. This way, their potential to a better life will also be maximized.

The company will run on the following values:

  • Being Honest no matter how uncomfortable
  • Being Gritty despite setbacks
  • Being Courageous to claim big dreams
  • Being Humble to keep on learning
  • Being Unfair (link)

I have absolutely no idea how to pull this off. I have no funding. I have no equipment and real estate to build this from. I have no employees. I have no clients. Nothing…but this dream, and a few people who believe in this dream too. And maybe that’s enough.

There is a 99% chance that this will not work – as most business don’t. It’s fairly possible that in just a few months’ time I will have to stop – but until then, will you dream with me?

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