20 Apr

But, I Have No Talents

In a previous work, I would often encourage my team members to discover what their talents and strengths are and focus on those positives.  Most of the time, I would get an enthusiastic response from people.  Sometimes though, insecurity rears its ugly head and paralyzes a team member to declare, “But, I have no talents.”

It is true that sometimes people take time to discover their talents – but everyone has a talent.  And so I recommend to these team members to keep searching – to keep trying new things until they find that natural talent and strength.

In the meantime, I remind them that there are 10 things they can already do that don’t require any talent at all:

  1. Being on time
  2. Having a strong work ethic
  3. Putting in the effort to everything you do
  4. Having the right body language
  5. Giving energy
  6. Having the right attitude
  7. Showing passion
  8. Being coachable
  9. Going the extra mile
  10. Being Prepared

The reality is, if you have these 10, even without any talent, you’d be so in demand.  Add your talents to these ten, and BOOM!  You are a Rock Star!

PS: Sharing this post to others does not require talent. – just the desire to be a positive presence to others. Thank you for being here.

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