11 May

Easy Way

If you had the power, who are the people you would want to dissolve at the snap of your fingers?

OK kidding, that’s not what this post is about.

In life though, there are people who we would prefer to not be around us. People who take the EASY way out.

It is easy to lie. It is easy to cheat others. It is easy to bring down others. It is easy to blame others. It is easy to find wrong in others. Easy to stab others in the back. Easy to say YES to things that should not be done. Easy to be a coward. Easy to be a snake. Easy to be a drama queen and shout at others.  Easy to lie and claim that we are a forgiving, loving, and happy person even when we are not. These are the easy ways out.

It is very hard to stand up for the truth. It is uncomfortable to stand up for others who are not in the room. It is hard to give a chance to people who are different from us. It is very hard to say NO to pressure. It is hard to be courageous in the face of adversity. It is hard to grow a backbone and stick with your values. It is hard to overlook wrongs and find ways to listen.  It is hard to actually forgive, actually love, and be actually joyful. This is the hard way.

So why bother making your life hard when you can take the easy way out? Because the hard way is the only way you can love yourself, respect yourself, and be able to live with yourself.

Yes, you hurt OTHERS by taking the easy way – but you hurt YOURSELF even more. Take the easy way out often enough, and you will soon find your soul and spirit thoroughly dissolved. And there is no more easy way out of that.

It may be the hard thing to do. Do it anyway.

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