18 May

Peaks and Valleys

I once read a book that said life will be a collection of peaks and valleys.  And how we live thru both will help us find peace.  I can’t find that book anymore, but I recently found my notes from that book.

As a general rule: Peaks and Valleys always feel like they will last a really long time.  They will not.

To get out of valleys faster:

  1. Relax, it will end.
  2. Do the opposite of what got you there.
  3. Serve more at work.  Love more in life.
  4. Avoid comparisons – you have your journey, they have theirs.
  5. Uncover the good in the bad – there’s always a lesson there somewhere.

To stay in the peaks longer:

  1. Be humble and grateful
  2. Do more of what got you there
  3. Do more for others
  4. Save resources for upcoming valleys


Enjoy peaks, learn from valleys.  Both are part of life.  And they are never permanent.  The soul of life comes in the transitions.

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