25 May


Entrepreneurship is hard. No, I’m not complaining – just stating the obvious.

It’s like the scary carnival ride – you already know it will make your stomach churn before you even ride it. And even if you psyched yourself and prepared your mind for the upcoming vertigo, you’ll still be surprised once the ride actually gets started.

I read somewhere that entrepreneurship is for stupid people. It makes sense.

  • You must be stupid to believe that you will succeed despite the historical statistics that 80% of new businesses close after 18 months.
  • You must be stupid to let go of a job that pays you every month – the one that pays you whether you get work done or not.
  • You must be stupid to let go of the dignity of a workplan that, regardless if you like the workplan or not, at least gives you clarity on what to do next. There are no next steps laid out for you in entrepreneurship – you figure it out yourself.
  • You must be stupid to go thru the stressful emotional rollercoaster that you will get on an hourly basis – from high highs (i.e. booking your first client) and low lows (i.e. nobody responding to your emails).
  • You must be stupid to constantly put yourself in pain of doing stuff out of your comfort zone – case in point: doing small talk in a conference when you are an introvert. *cringe*
  • You must be stupid to leave a boss who you SOMETIMES hate – only to work for your own self who you will hate ALL THE TIME for being stupid.
  • You must be stupid to be willing to wake-up in the wrong hours and be unable to sleep anymore because your brain is running a million miles per hour on things that you can do, should do, should not have done – and oh, the million iterations of the question: “Will I make it?”.

And yet, people push on with this stupidity.
I’m doing this stupidity.

Staying in a job you hate is called either fear or hopelessness.
Staying in a job you like is called wisdom.
Going for entrepreneurship is called stupidity.

As I see it, you only have three good options in your career: find a job you love, or love the job you have, or embrace stupidity with full abandon.  I have tried all three. The first two options are good. The jury is still out on the third.

And one of these days, if I somehow pull off this stupid exercise, statistics be damned, I will write a book to encourage more stupidity in this world. Because honestly, without people stupid enough to dream and be entrepreneurs, there wouldn’t be jobs to love, there wouldn’t be inventions to enjoy, and there wouldn’t be human progress.

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