24 Aug

You Can’t

For so many years, you’ve heard that there are so many things you can’t do. In school, at work, at home – well-intentioned or not, there are always people telling you that you can’t. That you shouldn’t.

And now you believe them. You hear their negative voice everytime you have a road to cross. The negative voices want you to stay where you are.

And so you hold back. You believe that you have reached your peak. And the best thing to do now is to not rock the boat – lest people realize that you really can’t do it.

The greatest gift you can give yourself is to stop believing this lie.

Stop believing the lie that ‘You can’t’. Nobody really knows what you can or cannot do.

If you were told that you were destined to succeed if you only worked hard at the right things and never quit, wouldn’t you be more willing to put in the hard work?

I’ve never seen anyone work really hard and not get rewarded – sometimes directly thru promotions, salary increases, or a good business. Sometimes indirectly, thru valuable lessons learned.

So stop holding back. Put in everything you got. Remove the big, fat lie that you can’t. Because you can.

Drown out the noise of negativity. Put in the work. Surround yourself with positive people.

The most difficult journey a person needs to take is from the point of “I can’t” to the point of “I can.”.

But once the journey has been crossed, no amount of adversity will ever hold that person back from being a winner.

You can. I’m telling you that you can. Please start acting like so.

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