07 Sep

Wrong Bus, Wrong Plane

Riding the wrong plane and riding the wrong bus are two very different scenarios.

When you realize you rode the wrong bus, the best thing you can do is to get off the bus immediately.  It was probably very hard for you to get on that bus. And it’s possible that you feel some comfort to at least have a seat in any bus. But staying there longer will put you even farther from your destination. You are probably scared if there are other buses that will come along – don’t worry, there are always other buses.

Being on the wrong plane is a different matter altogether. You just can’t go down at anytime. In this case, it’s much better to find a way to enjoy the ride until the first opportunity to hop off presents itself.

In both cases, complaining does not help. Self pity doesn’t help too. Blaming others is also useless.

Decide to get off. Or decide to enjoy. It’s your call.

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