28 Sep


As somebody who does not earn from a regular paycheck, I have learned that I should only focus on what I can control and not worry about things I cannot control.

Some things we should worry about (like the quality of work we have to do) and some things we should not worry about and just leave to God (like whether or not we will get clients).

“To man belongs the plans, but the results are from the Lord.”

And God’s timing and results are always perfect.

During the excruciating first month when I still had no clients, there was always something that happened that gave me hope to keep believing. Hope came in the form of friends messaging me out of the blue to encourage me, or somebody sending me a referral, or an invitation for a speaking engagement. Everytime, I thought of giving up, something happened at the right time that kept me going.

When I signed my first client, I had an entire month just focused on them so I could get the hang of how consulting worked. Only after a month did a second client sign-up. Then on the third month, my third and fourth clients came. It’s as if everything was planned for me. Perfectly timed so that I will not be overwhelmed and that I will ease into consulting in the best way possible.

When a client engagement ended, it took less than 24 hours for two new clients to confirm work. Once again, great timing…no, perfect timing…a timing only God can give.

I started this consulting journey 6 months ago. At that time, I just hoped that I will get 2-3 clients by today. God has replied with 7 clients to date.

I attest that patience + perseverance + high-quality work + faith = all you need to make a living. Bosses, are optional.

It’s entirely possible that clients will one day dry up and I will have to close this journey. Anything is possible – especially failure. But I know now that even if failure happens, I will have faith that it’s all part of His plan. Its part of His timing.

And no matter what happens, I can face each day strong – believing that I’ll be alright. Believing that He has a plan for me.

In fact, He has a plan for all of us. 🙂

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