05 Oct

Changing the World

If you really wanted to change the world, then you should be the change you want your kids to see.

Be kind – especially to your kids, to your spouse, and to everyone else who lives in your house.

Show them the value of serving others outside your family.

Courageously face challenges, so when it’s their time to face their own challenges, they will remember you and be strong too.

Be authentic so they understand they don’t have to pretend to be somebody they are not.

Keep on learning. Your kids will grow up to a world which they will not have the skills for – but if you teach them how to learn, they will thrive.

Allow yourself to slow down. Take sufficient rest so your kids will learn its importance.

Apologize when you make a mistake – even to your kids.

And most important of all: take time to be present to your kids. Not just physically present, but more importantly, emotionally and mentally present.

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