26 Oct

For New Hires

When you are new, find something small to do and do it perfectly. This is called a quick win.

After you deliver quick wins, volunteer for a small to mid-sized project and manage it well. The key word is volunteer.

At the same time, find a problem to solve. Solve it fast and solve it well.

Once you’ve built credibility as a problem solver, create a roadmap or a plan to create massive value for your team. Your plan will be a list of projects to deliver in the next 2-3 years. Only create a roadmap when you have the right credibility. Otherwise, your roadmap will not be able to gather the right support.

Find a skill that’s needed by your team but is not there – master it and apply it.

During the onboarding process, when you make a mistake, apologize and learn – nobody ever benefited by being a know-it-all. And everyone can see a pretender from a mile away.

Finally, seek your tribe, mentors and coaches. There is no such thing as a self-made person.

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