02 Nov


All these halloween costumes remind me of how crazy people are.

I have a friend who is putting in time and money to restore a really old car – even though he already has many cars. Crazy.

I have another one who is trying to spread a religious devotion. Weirdo.

Personally, I have had two really good jobs in my life – both of which I quit from to venture into something unsure. Crazy.

In the last garage sale I went to, I bought a Php 20 college textbook on…Introductions to Accounting.  For what specifically, I don’t know.  I just know I had to get it and study it.  Weirdo.

I also collect electric cables – audio wires, video adapters, charger cables – even if I probably won’t use most of them. I just like having them. Quirky.

Whenever I meet new people, they seem normal. Until I actually get to know them – and realize that they also have their own quirks.

The thing is, we are all built so unique that to the eyes of others, we will always be crazy, weird, and quirky.

The secret to life? It’s in embracing our crazy. When we do embrace our crazy, we live our life in the best way that it can be lived.

This world doesn’t need our conformity. This world needs our crazy.

So please forget being normal. Please embrace your crazy. We need your crazy.

Costumes optional.

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