09 Nov

Basic Rules of People Management

Here are some basic rules for People Managers.  These are not hard, but they do need commitment.

  1. Praise publicly, correct privately.
  2. Have a regularly scheduled 1-1 time with your direct reports.
  3. Provide direction, tools, connections, training opportunities, coaching, and motivation.
  4. Do not do your employee’s work.
  5. If you delegate or instruct, follow-up on results. Do not abdicate your accountability.
  6. Set expectations in writing. Assess performance based only expectations set.  Expectations should include work to be delivered, team norms to be followed, as well as character/core values expected.
  7. Ensure your employee takes regular vacations.
  8. If you make a mistake, apologize.
  9. Never blame a person in your team for something your team was not able to deliver – the buck stops with you.
  10. Have concern for your employee’s well-being.

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