23 Nov

When to be Patient and When Not to be

People are generally impatient. And are always looking forward to the next thing.

If you are single and you go to a cousin’s wedding – one of your aunts will undoubtedly ask you:

“Kelan ka susunod?” (When will you follow-suit?).

If you are married without kids, and visit a cousin’s baby – that same aunt will then ask you:

“Kelan ka susunod?” (When will you follow suit?).

People just can’t leave you alone. They just can’t wait for your next milestone. Sometimes you wish that you can attend a funeral of a relative, and when you see your aunt there, you can ask in return:

“Kelan po kayo susunod?” (When will you follow suit?).

Hahaha!   Mean, but you get the idea.

We are often told to seize the day and to take charge. That there is no better time than now. That tomorrow is too far away.

If this is the correct, then when does it make sense to wait and become patient?

Action vs Results

Here is a simple rule:

When it comes to taking action, have more bias to doing it now. When it comes to getting the results, have more bias towards waiting and being patient.

For example:

Love life:
• Take Action by going out in the right places (the key word is right)
• Be patient and don’t marry the first person that approaches you

• Take action by providing value to your customers and your managers
• Be patient and wait for your chance to go to the next level

Having kids:
• Take action by [deleted content]
• Be patient – it will come at the right time

Teaching values to kids:
• Take action by role modelling the right behavior at home
• Be patient if the child doesn’t get it immediately

Why is waiting important? Because if you cannot wait, it means you are impatient. If you are impatient, it means you feel entitled. If you are entitled, then in comes pride. When pride comes, downfall follows.

A simple analogy is planting. You take action by tilling the land, watering the plant, ensuring it has right sunlight. But when it comes to result (having the plant grow), all you can do is be patient and enjoy the wait.

Be impatient and take action now. Be patient and let the results come in at the right time.

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