30 Nov

The World Isn’t Fair

The world isn’t fair. So two pieces of advice:

  1. Stop expecting the world to be fair.
  2. Put in the effort to be unfair to others.

Number 1 is the key to peace of mind.
Number 2 is the key to winning in the long-run.

So I repeat – be unfair to others.

When you are paid a certain amount, do not give work commensurate to that amount – give more. Be unfair.  Be generous.

Even when a contract or project is done and you are not being paid anymore, deliver value still. Ask how the client is doing. Be unfair. Don’t just give what’s fair – give more than fair. Be generous.

When you are promoted to a certain level at work, do not deliver work expected of that level. Do work expected of the next level. Be generous.

When a friend asks for time, do not just give time – give undivided attention too. Give empathy. Give comfort. Be generous.

The world isn’t fair. We know that already. But wouldn’t our world be a much better place if we all played to its tune and be unfair to others too?

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