19 Oct


Before you make the jump to a big change, i.e. entrepreneurship, or new job, or new country, understand that there are many risks involved.

And you need to minimize risk by ensuring your R.I.S.K. is solid.

R – Relationships. Ensure that the most important people in your life are on-board with the change and will give you the needed support.
I – Instincts. Trust the instincts that you developed through experience. Ensure your instincts are not giving you warning signals.
S – Savings. Change has financial impact – especially during transition. Ensure you have enough cushion until things stabilize.
K – Knowledge. Do not go into a new area without properly understanding it. Do your research, get mentored, and keep learning.
Relationships. Instincts. Savings. Knowledge.
12 Oct

Just In Time

New York is one hour ahead of Austin, Texas – but it doesn’t mean Texas is slow. It’s simply running in its own timezone.

Some people will seem ahead of you, while some people will seem behind you. But they are not. They are where they are supposed to be at this time. And you are where you are supposed to be at this time.

There is no great race. We are not in competition with one another.  Do not envy those that seem ahead, and do not look down on those that seem behind.

We are all on the same journey, some sit in front, some sit at the back – but we will all get there eventually.  And the best thing that you can do is to appreciate and be kind to the people you are with. And thank them for giving you company.

You are fine. You are just in time.

05 Oct

Changing the World

If you really wanted to change the world, then you should be the change you want your kids to see.

Be kind – especially to your kids, to your spouse, and to everyone else who lives in your house.

Show them the value of serving others outside your family.

Courageously face challenges, so when it’s their time to face their own challenges, they will remember you and be strong too.

Be authentic so they understand they don’t have to pretend to be somebody they are not.

Keep on learning. Your kids will grow up to a world which they will not have the skills for – but if you teach them how to learn, they will thrive.

Allow yourself to slow down. Take sufficient rest so your kids will learn its importance.

Apologize when you make a mistake – even to your kids.

And most important of all: take time to be present to your kids. Not just physically present, but more importantly, emotionally and mentally present.

28 Sep


As somebody who does not earn from a regular paycheck, I have learned that I should only focus on what I can control and not worry about things I cannot control.

Some things we should worry about (like the quality of work we have to do) and some things we should not worry about and just leave to God (like whether or not we will get clients).

“To man belongs the plans, but the results are from the Lord.”

And God’s timing and results are always perfect.

During the excruciating first month when I still had no clients, there was always something that happened that gave me hope to keep believing. Hope came in the form of friends messaging me out of the blue to encourage me, or somebody sending me a referral, or an invitation for a speaking engagement. Everytime, I thought of giving up, something happened at the right time that kept me going.

When I signed my first client, I had an entire month just focused on them so I could get the hang of how consulting worked. Only after a month did a second client sign-up. Then on the third month, my third and fourth clients came. It’s as if everything was planned for me. Perfectly timed so that I will not be overwhelmed and that I will ease into consulting in the best way possible.

When a client engagement ended, it took less than 24 hours for two new clients to confirm work. Once again, great timing…no, perfect timing…a timing only God can give.

I started this consulting journey 6 months ago. At that time, I just hoped that I will get 2-3 clients by today. God has replied with 7 clients to date.

I attest that patience + perseverance + high-quality work + faith = all you need to make a living. Bosses, are optional.

It’s entirely possible that clients will one day dry up and I will have to close this journey. Anything is possible – especially failure. But I know now that even if failure happens, I will have faith that it’s all part of His plan. Its part of His timing.

And no matter what happens, I can face each day strong – believing that I’ll be alright. Believing that He has a plan for me.

In fact, He has a plan for all of us. 🙂

21 Sep

Care for Self

Whenever a friend is having a bad day, you will never hesitate to tell her that it will be O.K. – because you know in your heart that it will be OK.

In the same way, if you are having a bad day yourself, you should never hesitate to remind yourself that things will also be O.K.

We have to care for ourselves like we care for our friends. With optimism, with care, with positivity.

14 Sep

Pause on Decision

Some of us have big decisions to make. Decisions that we’ve been agonizing over the last few weeks.

Here’s a helpful tip: Hit the Pause button on decision-making.

The way it works is you tell yourself, “I am not going to make a decision until Monday 9AM. So until then, I will stop thinking about the options and the decision.”

Then you follow through by doing other things that make you feel at peace – maybe a hobby, or a short trip, or just spending time with loved ones. Things that make you wish time stood still.

Taking a step back clears the mind. And a clear mind is the optimal mind for decision-making.

Hit pause. It works.

07 Sep

Wrong Bus, Wrong Plane

Riding the wrong plane and riding the wrong bus are two very different scenarios.

When you realize you rode the wrong bus, the best thing you can do is to get off the bus immediately.  It was probably very hard for you to get on that bus. And it’s possible that you feel some comfort to at least have a seat in any bus. But staying there longer will put you even farther from your destination. You are probably scared if there are other buses that will come along – don’t worry, there are always other buses.

Being on the wrong plane is a different matter altogether. You just can’t go down at anytime. In this case, it’s much better to find a way to enjoy the ride until the first opportunity to hop off presents itself.

In both cases, complaining does not help. Self pity doesn’t help too. Blaming others is also useless.

Decide to get off. Or decide to enjoy. It’s your call.

31 Aug

Daily Grind

Here are a few habits that if you do daily for a week, you will feel really good.
Do daily for a month, and you will feel like a different person.
Do daily for a year and you change your life for the better.

1. Write three things you are grateful for.
2. Plan for the following day.
3. Really listen when somebody is speaking to you.
4. Spend time with loved ones.
5. Have enough sleep.
6. Eat fruits and vegetables.
7. Sweat.
8. Spend less than half of what you earn.
9. Read a book.
10. Ask yourself, ‘What are people’s problems and how can I help them?’.

1 & 2 – puts you in the right mindset
3 & 4 – keeps your relationships strong
5 – 7 – keeps you healthy
8 – 10 – unlocks abundant wealth and a thriving career

PS: It’s easier to do these when you also let go of negative people, jobs, expectations in your life.